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Over the Holidays

After about two years or more, I finally found my way back to the writing corner of my world.  It didn’t happen by chance or good luck either! But by sheer determination I pressed to collect my thoughts and lead them to vocalize what I wanted to focus on in writing in this season.

Yes, in the midst of a great deal of busyness, change of heart and unforeseen happenings, I am grateful that the Holy Spirit directed me back to sharing thoughts and ideas even if it is only for my eyes to behold what lies within.  Armed with a lot of whispered weaponry going on my mind (i.e. bad news, touchy topics, seeking the right niches, excuses, opinions, dreams. victories and defeats. brilliant notions and nonsensical babbling) makes it difficult for writing to come easy and often.  My struggle to focus on doing that which is in shining brightly my heart has been real.  But I faced the enemy down and didn’t take that deal.  Time is too precious.. and, oh, the Joy that floods my soul.

I am grateful for the Christmas outreach that I was able to enjoy that spoke up for my giving nature.   Responding to the needs of  even just a few people brought a true smile from within.  (Lord help me continue, I want the light of smile to never end.)

There is a tremendous need for humans to care for one another by the tune of the song, “Reach out and touch somebody’s hand – make this a better world – Yes we can.”  I have some relationships in disrepair that the Season of Giving brought the perfect opportunity to try and do more than just pray and talk about it.  Thanking my Heavenly Father for the wisdom to do that which is good medicine for me — act on the words that come so easy to say… “I love you.”

The season was busy and threatened to overwhelm me and thus divert my activities against the flow of ideas I had within. But somehow I found the mindset to plan my work and work my plan.  Those ideas for reaching people uncovered more within as well as a desire to try to create opportunities to give more often than just once a year.  Giving is how we score big for the Lord. Sharing special times makes the holidays  far more enjoyable.  The smiles on both the giving and receiving end alike always seem to take the stress away — Mission Accomplished for a Merry Christmas, Somebody!

black angel merry christmas

Dear Holy Father, I acknowledge that I am made in Your awesome image with an essential portion that loves to give and share and also receive.  Help me embrace these characteristics with greater faith to do what you have called me to do in this life – give cheerfully.  Please pour your spirit of love among people of all ages who are gift givers at heart.  To-day we hear your voice  to help and share, let us harden not our hearts that we may be used by you. We glorify you in all that we seek to accomplish through sharing and giving.  This we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.


Marian Bellamy Gibbons is a Christian blogger from Tallahassee, Florida

What does every believer need? Safe relationships to simply ask how to follow, love, and obey Christ. Do we facilitate and encourage those relationships?

via How do you gospel you? — Holy Minestrone

U R Safe!

safe at home plate painting

How INcredible it is when you see the odds stacked up against you–

Yes, you know the opposition and the challenges you face are real~~

But INstead of backing away now, you take a deep breath–

And get pumped up to plunge on IN there, head first (fueled only thoughts of the prize) ~~

To follow after that dream to which you are the solo visionary right now —

Just like being a one-man team at the bat against —

A mighty squad that has all its players IN position  to take care of business–

Speed ball and curb balls pitches> Knock you off base > Run you down and put you OUT_!_

There is no help in sight for you, except the one IN the mirror —

Right before you bunt the ball and move to the next  base —

IN slow motion it seems_!_

A voice chimes INto your head the wisdom that knows where, when and how to move–

Through the strategy for critical decisions that will help the lonely MVP succeed~~

That feeling of unexplaINable awareness that your team is a partnership_!_

A tag-team with The Highest Power, Almighty One _!_

Who calls out the exact plays you need to get the job done.

And when you follow The Coach of your Creation—

Each time you play the game– YOU WIN —

With a hit when the bases are loaded–

A steal when the other team thought you were catching your breath_!_

A relay between third base and home ~~

To fINd yourself slidINg through the dust with an outstretched hand–

Only to look up and see the umpire above you stand~~

With hands extended affirming in the wind that say to all who look on–

Safe — at home one more time, agaIN!!!

That the INning ends is fine —

It’s the “INner” explosion of seeing victory that makes the game–!!–

In spite of indecision, mistakes, slow and shuffling actions

Following the  Celestial  Coach helps you know and understand

That the game is played by us all but the victory comes from the Master’s hand!

To experience the WIN, Playa you must first be IN tune – In Touch — In Step~~

With the One who calls you to team up, to play with sights on the WIN.


Featured art:  Titled “Safe at Home” by Preston Sampson.

This are hangs in the Lobby of The Shelby, located in Alexandria, Virginia.


















Staying on Track


One thing to always consider when launching something new (for a certain period or a lengthy season) is that usually it is easy to crank things up because plans have been set and the vehicle is fixed on the tracks for progress.  Starting on track doesn’t always mean we will “stay” on track or that we will be moving forward at all times.

I committed to the 40-day fast for the Lenten season according to the goals and plans established by our leader.  However, my mind was not truly fixed on the plans and the goals either for myself personally.  I was dealing with some issues and wondering how I was going to deal with them.  Never mind that the 40-day quest for divine strength never settled in my mind as a top option for handling my problems.  Such thinking is bound for derailment.  I knew that the endeavor was an uphill climb for me from the hump; but I had not calculated on some deep twists in my life and emotions to impede my movement.  So I cranked up for the first week, holding steady during the first few days.  Wait a minute?  Did I really?  I did most of those things on the “Do” list but added a few too many choices on the “unregistered” or “not mentioned” list that probably negated all of the things I did. So here I am wanting and needing to get back on track.  I have the goals; I have the plans; and tonight I have a better mindset and desire to follow through on this for a blessed encounter with God.  I want to hear God say “well done” thy good and faithful servant,” and this test run is necessary for me to learn better how to make it in.

Doing so while climbing up the hill and around the corner is (for me) virtually unheard of!!! Yet, my heart prompts me to get back on track and go the distance. God has a destination for me and tonight I feel that I want to reach it like never before!!!

So Lord, in the midst of my struggle right now I regroup, rethink, pause and pray again for the strength from on high to culminate this fast as established.  Help me throw out my will and put your will into high gear. Please give me the power boost that I need — “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  — and Lord, I want to do this!!!  Feed me with the fuel of faith that I need, release through the exhaust the wasteful, wonton thinking that can only drag me backwards and into a self-defeating spiral decline. Lord, help me fixate my vision upon you… “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence comes my help.  O Lord, my help does come from you.”  Looking at You, O God, is the only way I can move through… this is what I want to do for an expected, blessed outcome.  Praying for power in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.



Visualizing and actualizing are two different things.  I cannot count the number of times I have seen my ideas and goals found riding on a merry-go-round in my thoughts.  seems like I stepped on for the roundabout ride of life along with them.  To move to a higher place, I know God showed me to do this. What it took me a while to understand was he left out a whole lot of scenarios that show me how to get there.  Being the Master of the Universe that he is, I understand his MOD by now.  He showed me something very beautiful that he had planned for me; but his goal was to help me seek Him, the MOST HIGH and MOST OMNIPOTENT, in order for it to come to fruition.  After all, Lord, this is your reality for me, that you had shown to me in a dream. So I begin to move higher in the strangest way possible, with a dream and a toy plane.  Even with this, it takes effort to go higher and even more to stay uplifted after you have taken off.  ‘tiring, troubling, testing, and then the same all again.  Lord how I would to drop the plane and move along the road I am already on.  Then you light up my remembrance of what you said to do.  I have tried to and I am too heavy. Not just the physical weight but the weights of disappointment in me, with a whole lot of others too. I am being tossed about by the hot breath of howlers who are hating even when I haven’t done one dadblasted thing to get to my higher ground.  ‘Why hate on me? Any advance that I have made… God gets the glory and all of my praise.  My toy plane soars but I am sure the pilot is a little worried about landing without gas or crew.. there is only so much that one single lady can do.   How can this plane soar when I am holding it by the tail or wing, maybe I should just release and let it go and see what happens.  Just maybe God wants to show his awesome power to bring life to what I think is dead… to put fire into something that looks smoked.  My faith in God says yes He can.. for He has done it so many times before, when I come to a deadend zone, God opens up a door… Thank you Jesus.  For his own reasons, he won’t let the vision of the flight leave my sight so I must continue to   do what he leads me to do as right. Hold my plane God, you can take it higher or dive in for a landing much better than I can. The cruise control works so much better with your touch, right now Lord I need you so much. Keep me uplifted, seeking  consultation from you.  Lord you are my prayer traffic controller, sort out those things that I ask amiss, taking the wheel and confirm to my soul, Soaring spirit … “I’ve Got this.” Amen.

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